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  • 40 Meters

Net Schedule

Local Time UTC Time Frequency Net Control
10:00 AM Monday America/Chicago 15:00 Monday 7.290.00 MHz KA5AZK
10:00 AM Tuesday America/Chicago 15:00 Tuesday 7.290.00 MHz KA5AZK
10:00 AM Wednesday America/Chicago 15:00 Wednesday 7.290.00 MHz KA5AZK
10:00 AM Thursday America/Chicago 15:00 Thursday 7.290.00 MHz KA5AZK
10:00 AM Friday America/Chicago 15:00 Friday 7.290.00 MHz KA5AZK
10:00 AM Saturday America/Chicago 15:00 Saturday 7.290.00 MHz KA5AZK

Net Details

The 7290 Traffic Net is an independent, public service traffic net operating on or about 7290 kHz, and has been in continuous operation since 1953, handling formal written traffic, informal messages and operating extended sessions during emergencies or special needs. All Amateur Radio Stations licensed to operate on this frequency are welcome to check in with or without traffic and are not required to take traffic in order to participate.


Province / State

United States

40 Meters

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