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Net Schedule

Local Time UTC Time Frequency Net Control
7:00 PM Tuesday America/Los_Angeles 02:00 Wednesday N/A MHz N3VEM, Vance

Net Details

The net is a Directed Net on the 1st Tuesday of Each month. All other Tuesdays are ad-hoc round tables for anyone who happens to show up. We'd like to specifically thank the Pride Group for allowing us to connect our hub to their system - The Pride Radio Network enables club members and non-members wishing to check in to connect via DMR, System Fusion, D-Star, IRLP, Echolink, M-17, NXDN, P-25, Hams over IP, Hamshack Hotline, plus some others. Be sure to check out the Pride Radio Network site as they regularly make updates and improvements to their network ( If you want to join the net via Allstar, you can simply point any Allstar enabled repeater, hotspot, or VOIP application at node 61672 during the net. If you'd like to connect via any of the other modes mentioned, please visit the Pride Radio Network Information Page ( for details on node numbers etc. The NARS Club Net is a directed net, and also serves as a 1 hour time slot where net control will be monitoring the hub even if there are no check ins. This means that folx can feel free to check in at any point during the hour that works for them; just tune in and listen for the preamble and call for check-ins which will be repeated periodically, or throw out your callsign if a few minutes goes by and you don't hear anything. When checking in, feel free to share your name and location as you are comfortable (or not), answer the net question, and/or share anything else that is on your mind. We strive to be welcoming and accommodating, so don't worry about whether or not you are 'doing it right' - with us, you're always doing it right as long as you're following the guidelines of your license and having fun! Please refer to the Narwhal Code of Conduct (, which governs our behavior during the net.



DMR Talkgroup
FreeDMG TG 969, TGIF TG 2969, FreeStar TG 969 on System X

D-STAR Reflector
XLX432, REF023

Fusion Room
PRIDE (85527), GAYYY (95569), AU-PRIDE (50535)

AllStar Node
61672, 2105, 27154, 56108

IRLP Reflector

EchoLink Node
994842, 569391, 22497

United States

No band calculated

Created May 31, 2024 by n3vem
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