The definitive net directory for Ham Radio and SWL enthusiasts.

What's a Net?

A net is a gathering of Amateur Radio operators on a specific frequency at a specific time and day, usually on a recurring basis. Nets are an opportunity for Hams to get together, chat, and test equipment on the air. A net can be very formal, for example, for emergency communications training,. A net can also be very informal, for example, as a way to catch-up with fellow Hams. Most nets are fun, often involving round-table style discussions and community announcements.

The NetFinder Mission

Net Finder's mission is to help Hams connect with one another on the air. Nets are one of the easiest methods for getting on the radio and making contact with other members of the hobby. From a quick, formal check-in, to a casual round-table rag chew, nets can be a gateway to a rewarding Ham Radio experience.

The NetFinder Vision

Net Finder is working toward a future in which every Amateur Radio net is cataloged in a central directory on the web. We believe nets are the lifeblood of Amateur Radio and our goal is to help Hams find a group on the air that they can call home.

Getting Involved

The best way to get involved is to create an account and start cataloging the nets in your area. The Net Finder directory serves two purposes: To promote nets and to help Hams get on the air. With your help, the more nets that are cataloged, the better chance we have at growing the Ham Radio hobby.