Release Notes

Date Update
3/10/2024Add password reset feature.
6/8/2023Add a section to homepage listing recently added nets.
5/28/2023Add Slow CW and SKYWARN net categories.
5/24/2023A net's band field is now editable.
5/20/2023Resolve issue around login process and case sensitivity.
5/17/2023Improve account create flow to be more intuitive.
5/5/2023Add labels for 4 Meters and multi-band nets.
5/1/2023Fix bug where logged in user could appear logged out. Adjust meta tags. Update homepage search to include city.
4/27/2023Display callsign on user profile page. Reduce noise in log files.
4/25/2023Nets are now grouped by location with the ability to drill down from country, state/province, county, and city.
4/23/2023Add clarifying language to time and location fields when adding a net.
4/21/2023Surface data nets as a separate net type.
4/18/2023Add release notes page to list updates and bug fixes.
4/18/2023Add Fusion, AllStarLink, EchoLink, IRLP, DX, and CW net lists.
4/12/2023Add DMR and D-STAR net lists.
4/11/2023Color coding for band badges.
4/4/2023Add header navigation.
3/18/2023Style pagination widget.
3/1/2023Style net view page and add badges for band and net type.