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  • 1.25 Meters
  • Repeater
  • AllStar

Net Schedule

Local Time UTC Time Frequency Net Control
11:00 PM Monday America/Chicago 04:00 Tuesday WM9W Repeater 224.520 MHz
12:00 AM Thursday America/Chicago 05:00 Thursday WM9W Repeater 224.520 MHz
12:00 AM Tuesday America/Chicago 05:00 Tuesday WM9W Repeater 224.520 MHz
12:00 AM Wednesday America/Chicago 05:00 Wednesday WM9W Repeater 224.520 MHz
12:00 AM Friday America/Chicago 05:00 Friday WM9W Repeater 224.520 MHz
12:00 AM Saturday America/Chicago 05:00 Saturday WM9W Repeater 224.520 MHz
12:00 AM Sunday America/Chicago 05:00 Sunday WM9W Repeater 224.520 MHz

This net takes place on a repeater

WM9W Repeater
224.520 MHz Tone: 110.9 Repeater Website: https://www.WM9W.org

Net Details

Join us on the Nightcrawlers Net! We like to think of ourselves as the first Net of the day in Chicago. This Net is held daily/nightly (depending on your perspective) on our repeater, starting around midnight. This is an informal round table net that has an open discussion format. It can last up to a half-hour, or into the wee hours of the morning. Discussions vary, but you will get: (KD9EID's) Laura's stuff or, "on-this-day in history" Wednesday through Saturday; the Amateur Radio Newsline on Tuesdays; an archived Rain Report on Wednesdays; Steve’s (KB9DSQ) Korny Kornball Korner on Saturdays, and play Guess Hap’s Blood Sugar to win prizes on Saturdays. We take winners with whoever comes closes above the actual number - above and below. If you guess his blood sugar on-the-nosey, you win a can of chickpeas and a box of Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat. Yum. So, if you're up at that time, or just battling insomnia, why not turn on your radio and enjoy some company? Just another way for us to make amateur radio fun. Come on out and join our Guide to the Other Side in lively conversation and hang out with a great number of returning Nightcrawlers. (Where everybody knows your call sign. “la-la”) Join us to see what crazy topics are up for discussion, or just rag-chew. Our host schedule is as follows, and it’s a great line-up: Joe Russo - KD9EJX, begins the week Monday, where the regulars come out to rag chew; John Plecki - KD9BYW, from Studio C, on Tuesday and Saturday, all the way from Chatteroy, Washington —>Brandon - KD7UUM; all the way from Timpson, Texas —> John Nelson - KI5QOU on Thursday; Bradley Sarabekian - KD9LPW, on Friday; and Robert Clark - KA0WAS, on Sunday. We also feature a RAIN report from the archives, every Wednesday night. If you would like to request a specific RAIN report, please contact KD9BYW at hfblows@yahoo.com. Sometimes you can even catch the RAIN reports' own Hap Holly (KC9RP) joining in on Nightcrawlers' fun. And don't forget about Echolink! (WM9W-R, Node 218858)



AllStar Node

EchoLink Node



Province / State

United States

1.25 Meters

Created February 11, 2024 by Raf AC9WM
Last updated February 11, 2024

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